Affiliated to
West Bengal University of Health Science

Recognised by
Indian Nursing Council

Managed by
Calcutta Diocesan Trust Association (Pvt.)
Diocese of Calcutta, Church of North India

Mission & Vision
"The energy you expend in doing the work is called love"
                                                                        Donna Diers

Mission : Learning the Healer's Art

The Mission of Sister Florence College of Nursing is to develop professional nurses who :-

  1. Promote Health.

  2. Care of the Suffering.

  3. Engage in the Scholarship of the Discipline.

  4. Invite the Spirit to Health and Healing.

  5. Lead with Faith and Integrity.

  6. Have the ability to provide caring, holistic and quality nursing services to diverse population.


We are a community of scholars engaged in the discovery and application of the Healer's Art to strengthen health and healing worldwide and to enhance the discipline of nursing.


  • Define, exemplify and magnify the Healer's art.

  • Promote student centered learning.

  • Focus on leadership.

  • Expand collaborative partnership.

  • Engage in scholarship and creativity.

  • Create an environment that supports the mission of the College of Nursing.


Nursing is the art, science and discipline of caring for people through the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health and wholeness across the life span. The essence of Nursing involves communication, critical thinking, collaboration, caring, education, advocacy, ethical behavior and a commitment to life long learning. Nurses contribute collaboratively and independently to quality client care, education, research and responsible resource stewardship. Nurses practice in a variety of roles and settings where nursing roles are determined by adequate education, appropriate competencies and right attitude.

Sister Florence
Messenger of Healing Vocation!

Sister Florence was born in England on June 28, 1903. After a convent School education, she enrolled for nursing training from 1926 to 1930 and soon afterwards was appointed Sister-in-charge of a branch of the King George V Hospital at Ilford, Essex, in a poor housing estate.

The call to serve came unexpectedly when in 1945 a priest of Oxford Mission spoke in the Church in London about the special work for the poor by the Mission in India. Sister felt the inner call, but she was not sure, whether at the ripe age of 43 she would be allowed to join the Mission. However the invitation came and Sister sailed from England on March 15th, 1946 to join the Oxford Mission in India.

The Community of the Epiphany accepts three vows-of poverty, of chastity and of obedience. Sister was assigned to help in a leprosy hospital. Having made the vow of obedience, she started a "Special piece of God's work" at dressing room of Premananda Leprosy Mission Hospital at Calcutta. A novice, she was shocked at the sight of ulcers, which had eaten the flesh almost to the bone, till the fingers and toes seemed to drop off. The loneliness, the hunger and the lack of love for leprosy patients distressed her. She continued working at the dressing room till she could travel and walk freely till the age of ninety. At the age of 92 she recollected "The first things we were told on entering for nursing training, was to relieve the patient's discomfort, to focus on the small things - the slipped pillow, the spilled crumbs on the bed-the simple things that badly injured or very ill patients cannot do for themselves," And this is what she had been doing for leprosy patients in India for half a century, in the name of Christ relieving the sufferings of many. She went to be with the Lord in 2004 at the age of 101 in this very campus where she spent her life as an ideal "NURSE".

The College

Sister Florence College of Nursing is situated in a beautiful spacious campus belonging to Oxford Mission with many coconut trees surrounding the pond in the middle. There are large well equipped classrooms as well as plenty of open gardens to have outdoor studies. The College has a well maintained library with sufficient number of books, journals and periodicals. There are well equipped laboratories for Nursing Arts and Nutrition practice. The hostel complex, which is situated in the same campus, provides a relaxing and comfortable stay. The prayer room near the entrance brings serenity to the campus. Safety of the campus is ensured by a boundary wall all around. The atmosphere of the College premises ensures an enjoyable and a suitable place for study.

10% of our students are scoring above 70% marks in the University. Utmost care is taken in this college to nurture the students.

Clinical experiences provided enable our students to develop a good attitude, knowledge and practice of a commendable standard.

The Lecturers of the College are selected from renowned colleges of India and Clinical Instructors are chosen depending on their past experiences.

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