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West Bengal University of Health Science

Recognised by
Indian Nursing Council

Managed by
Calcutta Diocesan Trust Association (Pvt.)
Diocese of Calcutta, Church of North India


Message From The Desk Of Nursing Advisor

My Dear Students,

The starting of Sister Florence College of Nursing is a real breakthrough from conventional colleges, as being in the heart of city of Kolkata and still having a beautiful lustrous green campus. Here the mind is not stressed by noise and pollution of the city, but free to concentrate on your study.

However, the future of the College depends on your success. The society is going to gauge the excellence of the College on your performance. People will view the changes you bring about in the field of nursing to certify the College.

Your prime goal of joining the College is to bring changes in yourself through gradual improvement. Avail all the opportunities at the College to acquire knowledge, skill and above all the right attitude, which will help to improve your performances. Aim for advancement of your chosen profession and render care to whoever you may serve

"Lets do something better!"

Reena Bose
Nursing Advisor
August, 2021

Contact no. - 8444047241 / 8240266197

Message From The Desk Of Principal

It gives me immense pleasure to present before you a brief of our vision & efforts. Sister Florence College of Nursing is one of the leading Nursing Institute, designed to prepare future nurses who can assume increasing responsibility and leadership in the delivery of quality nursing care in a variety of clinical setting.

A committed and supportive management, dedicated teachers, caring and Co-operative support staff provide a productive & safe learning environment to students.

Apart from delivering excellent academic content and development of skills through practical experiences, the students are encouraged to perform various co-curricular activities and interactive sessions, which facilitate overall development of young aspirants.

Welcome to natural environment of Sister Florence College of Nursing.

Jharna Ghosh
Sister Florence College Of Nursing

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